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Proposed BA Topics and Collaborations

Proposed BA Topics and Collaborations

Vibrotactile feedback in hand motor rehabilitation

in collaboration with Yeongmi Kim, ETH ReLab

Interactive Visualization of Authenticity Research Database

in collaboration with Imanuel Schipper, design2context
  • Presentation by Imanuel Schipper
  • presentation Tuesday 21 Dec 2010, 14.00, at sq504
  • http://blog.zhdk.ch/authenticity/

Somnomat: robot for sleep research

in collaboration with ETH Sensorymotor Systems lab

Stroke Hand Rehabilitation

in collaboration with ETH ReLab

Other topics

  • - Max: 3d camera vision projects using Kinetic systems
  • - Jurgen: future industrial machine control with Reto Bättig (CEO of Eng AG, previously at SupercomputingSystems)
  • - Jurgen: community platform for doctors in east germany
  • - Magnus: interfacing programming in a visual and mechanical way
  • - Magnus: visualizing SourceCode in detail and with focus on improving programming for a team
  • - Magnus: interface and interactivity for a groupware project and time tracking webapp
  • - Karmen: modular haptic floor interface for outdoor spaces
  • - Karmen: EPFL robotics with Francesco Mondada http://mobots.epfl.ch/
  • - Karmen: immersive physical interaction for elderly with ETH sensorymotor lab http://www.sms.mavt.ethz.ch/
  • - Florian Michahelles: mobile content creation for shopping/products  http://www.im.ethz.ch/people/fmichahelles