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Service Results (Gruppe 2)

Service Results

"Ayask allows an anonymous person to send a message, question or statement to just one person once, and get one answer."

What is Ayask?

The idea is to create a simple, short dialog between two unknown, randomly chosen people - the sender and responder. These two people are locally situated which is determined by by the sender’s and/or receiver’s GPS coordinates. This adds an interesting twist to the mechanism. We think that the potential to send a message, a question, a statement or a remark to a stranger in proximity – someone you do not know and could be standing right next to you – has a certain appeal. We also believe that anonymous message posting has a much different character than posting messages on Facebook or a similar plattform. People would post other kind of messages than on such a social plattform.

What is it not?

ayAsk is not intended to be a social platform or a forum for asking questions to experts. It is intentionally prevented by only being able to answer respectively ask to the same person once. The next message is therefore sent to an other person. In doing so, it avoids chat-like conversations or certain kinds of misuse.


Our main feature is to send a message to a random person in proximity. The receiver of the message is chosen through our server. If the receiver does not respond in a reasonable amount of time, it is automatically forwarded to the next person.
 With GPS implementation, the user’s card is sent to the next person near him. Even if two users are next to each other, they will not be able to re-send cards to each other, as there is a built in waiting time. In this case, the message will be sent to the next nearest person.


After starting up the ayAsk application, the user sees a stack of cards with either read or unread posted or received cards.

App gestures

Swipe the card to the left or right to change the card.
Tap on the card to see its backside or write an answer.
Create a new Card by dragging the "new"-card upwards.
Swipe the card upwards to send it.
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