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1 | Di 22. Feb | Einstieg

Annäherung an Computer Vison


Small ideas for a big world: ABB FLexPicker robots YouTube – Stanford wins driverless car race Darpa Hexapod Volvo Pedestrian Detection Volvo Car View

Face Recognition

Automatische Grenzkontrolle mit Gesichtserkennung Gesichtserkennung am Zürcher Flughafen – swissinfo Facial Recognition Comes to Facebook What To Know About iPhoto ‘09 Face Detection and Recognition – iPhoto – Gizmodo

Finger Tracking

Reactable YouTube – reactable: basic demo #1 akusTisch Balz Rittmeyer1

PSP Eye Toy

Eye Toy Games Review Videos – G4tv.com


Natal – Microsoft Kinect - Microsoft Ethz – 3D Models from 2D Video VideoTrace Match Moving1 HeadTracking VR Display GestureSpace – Kai Jauslin1

Komputer Kunst

YouTube – Erkki Kurenniemi DIMI Ballet (Dimi O showcase & performance YouTube – Myron Krueger – Videoplace, Responsive Environment, 1972-1990s YouTube – Myron Kreuger – Video Place – 1989 YouTube – Put That There (Original) YouTube – Camille Utterback & Romy Achituv – Text Rain, 1999 YouTube – Shadow Monsters YouTube – Very Nervous System YouTube – The Giver of Names (1991-) by David Rokeby YouTube – Zerseher Art + Com (1992) Art + Com Virtual Opera (2002) YouTube – Rafael Lorenzo Hemmer / Blow-up 2007 YouTube – Rafael Lorenzo Hemmer / Venice 2007 YouTube – Daniel Rozin / Weave Mirror YouTube – Daniel Rozin / Trash Mirror Graffiti Research Lab » L.A.S.E.R. Tag


YouTube – Hans-Rudolf Merz, der digitale Hampelmann YouTube – Minority Report: The Future of Personalised Advertising YouTube – Personalized Ads from Minority Report