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People as a Source of Inspiration


Dario Buzzini & Martin Meier - IDEO (www.ideo.com) Gerhard Buurman & Karmen Franinovic - IAD, ZHdK (http://iad.zhdk.ch)


BA and MA Interaction Design Students


The objective of the suggested workshop is to get the interaction design students to be exposed to the methods and techniques of User Centered Design. Through a series of activities, the students will learn how to see and understand people as a source of inspiration rather than validation in order to inform solutions that address people’s needs.


The workshop will start with collecting testemonials around the topics of Online Banking, Online Shoping and Mobile Communication. The students will be given an assignment beforehand with the task of collecting insights based on video interviews. An interview guide to help the students in the process will be provided. As deliverable for this assignment, each team is asked to provide a 2-3 minutes video to be presented at the workshop kick-off on May 19th.


We are looking for a tangible series of outcomes. During the two days you will be asked to deliver and present a series of iterations on your ideas. A variety of media and embodiments is welcome and encouraged (think objects, storyboards, videos, raw prototypes, etc.). All the reviews during the two days will be in an informal manner. No formal presentation is required. The groups will have 15 minutes at the end of the second day to present the final results of their work.