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Video Interview

The video Interview

Each team is encouraged to explore a different topic out of the three suggested. If more than 3 groups participate in the workshop we suggest to evenly spread out the selection of topics. The topics are: -Online shopping -Online Banking -Mobile Communication

Who should you interview?

Find a person that feels comfortable being interviewed. We would also like to see some different demographics and not only people that navigate online offers with ease. You can do the interview in swiss German in case you don’t find an English speaking person.

How to run the interview

Capture the person in context, possibly in front of a device or computer (while performing an online transaction, purchasing something online... ) After finishing the think-aloud exercise ask open questions that prompt emotional and real answers to avoid a yes or no, like: -What are your trusted online stores/bank/provider? -Why do you trust this offer? -When did you start using this offer and why? -Who teaches you how to use it? -Are your friends and family using this offer too? -Is there a moment in the interaction that makes you feel insecure? -How do you know where you leave the comfort zone/save environment? -Any bad experiences with any of the online/digital offers that your using or used in the past? (Story please) -How do you track your spending/transactions/service fees?

A challenge documented in context could be

Ask the person to find a good deal on an online store and explain what the steps are to get the product. Ask about the various service providers involved in the experience in order to highlight the steps of the journey. You can run the exercise as a loose “think-aloud protocol” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Think_aloud_ protocol and focus on the most important steps in the experience journey: For example > Motivation (What to buy/why someone has or likes to transfer money. What is peoples motivation to go online and log on to their online banking platform), > Information (How to decide on what service/offer/platform to use), > Navigating the platform (Who is involved, how is the interaction moderated, how do people navigate the platform) > Make it real (Take action, place call, transaction, filling out blanks) > Confirmation (What are the confirmation channels? How long does it take for the transaction/delivery/bill?) Other steps? Feel free to provoke statements or comments during the think-aloud exercise if your interviewee does not feel like talking much.

What do we expect to see on May 19th

The outcome of this exercise should be a series of insights and stories around which the group could start discussing the needs and generating ideas that support their needs and make their current experiences better. As deliverable for this assignment, each team should have a 2-3 minutes video to be presented at the workshop kick-off on May 19th.