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  • Random Thumbnails into a Grid 12. Oktober 2010

    Uploaded “RandomImageGrid” on the server. Functionalities: Loading a thumbnail randomly from the Xml. Arranging them into a grid.

  • Minimal Event-Example

    I’ve uploaded a minimal Event example which can be found on …Mobile Screens/MinimalEvent. Description A Subclass “dispatches” a custom Event which will bubble up to its ancestor. All what you need: Dispatcher in the Subclass: Listener in the Ancestor-Class: and the executing method:

  • Advanced ImageGrid

    I’ve uploaded an “advanced” ImageGrid example-project to: Vorlesungen & Projekte/10HS/Mobile Screens/Code-Beispiele/ImageGrid.zip Description: reusable Grid-Class initalisation through: and creating the grid (saving gridpoints in an Array): parameters: + extrafeature: cropping the image (only 2 lines of code!!!, after hours of crazy-apple-doc-taking-no-end-for-real) – no memory-management

  • Basic ImageGrid 8. Oktober 2010

    Simple Example Grid: 1. Create ViewBasedApplication 2. Add -> NewFile -> Cocoa Touch Class -> Objective-C-Class(UIView) -> ExampleGrid 3. Open the already existing ExampleGridViewController.xib 4. Click on the View(In the list below Files’Owner and FirstResponder) -> Change the ClassIdentity to your Created ExampleGrid -Class 5. Add the following  example-function to the ExampleGrid-Class: ref:  http://www.iphonedevsdk.com/forum/iphone-sdk-development/12858-generate-grid-images.html