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Diary – Holon, IDHO

--------------------- 13 April, Wednesday - VOGST 1.0 testing with designers 12 April, Tuesday - VOGST 1.0 testing with designers 10 April, Sunday - VOGST version 1 demo at OpenIDHO http://interaction.hit.ac.il/open-day-april-2011/ --------------------- 7 April, Thursday - working with the GF patches made by Frederic Bevlilacqua and Bruno Zamborlin - putting the 1st version together 6 April, Wednesday - working on sensing patch for WiTilt2.5 http://www.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Sensors/WiTilt_V2_5.pdf 5 April, Tuesday - workshop on vocal sketching with Integrated Design MA students, freshly introduced to the topic of sonic interaction - Michal suggests turning the object into a kind of parasite that could attach to any other object.  Great idea! 4 April, Monday - integrated the speaker in the object - developed a locking machanism 3 April, Sunday - decided to make 1st wired version due to problems with the BT losing connection - 9dof arrived, but working on the 1st VOGST version with accelerometer only --------------------- 31 March, Thursday - changed the speaker due to the sound quality, now using Altec Lansing Orbit-MP3 Speaker - BT board keeps breaking contacts, tying to resolder, but conductive glue would be better.. 30 March, Wednesday - checking possibilities for developing a mobile app. Mobile phones are starting to integrate gyroscopes.. - sound quality may not be that good. Maybe an add on speaker could be used. - Bruno Zamborlin already used the Gesture Follower on the mobile phone http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dIDpLPFFU4 29 March, Tuesday - first day of STSM in IDHO lab - 2 classes taking place - started this blog - ordered the 9dof  stick - put together the speaker, amplifier and - 18.30 and the bluetooth finally working! I had to try all possible combination of 3 button sequences and timings in order to recouple the device to my computer. Painfully long process but done.