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Vocal Sketching Workshops

Testing with IDHO lab people

Idit wanted to have several buttons on the object. She suggested looking at  how buttons are placed on drills or guns. Avi used the VOGST as a musical tool. It was rather engaging experience which lasted longer that other product centered exercises. This resulted in having defined one gesture which seemed particularly suiting and meaningful for the gesuture. Michal reproduced three gesture-sounds that she designed for the mobile sharing app project in Ivrea. She  liked that "the sound waits for you to activate it" i.e. the sound is stuck looping a small sample while one is not moving. This effect usually disturbed other participants who wanted to have sound stop when the movement stops. However, in this case the sound waiting for the movement to be actuated made sense. Thus, it may be the best to simply have a switch which can stop playback, and giving the opportunity to play with the "stuck sound" as a part of design concept.

Second workshop at IDHO, HIT  without VOGST

First workshop at IDHO, HIT  without VOGST

Participants were MA Integrated Design students. Students had to sonify the interaction between the plant and its keeper. Three personas were used: a lonely child, a hippie and a mad scientist. Voicing the Object and the Sonic Playtable exercises were used in order to warm up the participants who had never designed sound.