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motivating | movement rehabilitation

Teachers: Karmen Franinovic and Max Rheiner Assistents: Florian Wille, Samuel Bauer and Dinis Meier This course will address ways of motivating movement rehabilitation by the means of interactive objects through sonic, tactile and light feedback. The focus is on stroke patients, particularly hand and walking impairments. We will explore the phenomenology of embodied interaction through brainstorming, mockups and  prototypes. During the course the students will:
  • design sensory experience by the means of non-visual feedback that is suited to movement-based interaction (e.g. auditory, haptic, temperature, vibration).
  • conceptualize and test wearable applications for stroke rehabilitation.
  • develop adaptive technologies that suit different contexts. For example, students may design feedback that varies for different user location, the changing intensity of sound and light, or the variation of user’s personal data such as heartbeat or galvanic skin response.
  • explore the embodied experience and social interactions that emerge during the use of their products.

Embodied Experiencing