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Featured Projects

Featured Works

The Choreography of Sound by Gerhard Eckel


Morphology Modeling and Analysis of Gesture-Sound Relationships in Musical Performance and Interactive Sonic Installations by Baptiste Caramiaux

Abstract We focus the topic on the study of gesture and sound morphologies, and the analysis of their relationships. Our goal is to design new virtual instruments and/or sonic installations where the player-participant can expressively controlled the sonic content through his body movements. In this way, we want to pertinently associate physical musical gestures captured from the performer to abstract sonic gestures in textural sounds. The general context of our study is the so-called embodied music cognition which aims to give cognitive cues to understand how people bodily integrate and represent perceived sounds. Morphologies are considered here as different temporal profiles of gesture and sound characteristics considered as time series. The problem is three-fold: first we need to choose predominant features used to describe each modality; second one needs to model gesture temporal profile as well as sound profiles; finally we need to relevantly associate each modality's profile. Relying on our recent experiments and previous studies, we will first show how this mapping can be concretly done and then we will disucss some cues to understand how people embody perceive sounds according to their nature (i.e either causal or non-causal). Links http://imtr.ircam.fr/imtr/Baptiste_Caramiaux

Flo)(ps: Experimenting with habitual and unusual sonic gestures through everyday objects  by Karmen Franinovic

Abstract Design affordances of an everyday object guide us towards habitual behaviors. Physical actions that are not immediately associated with established body techniques are often neglected by the user. Can sound activate those interactions that remain latent in the physicality of an interface? How can it encourage underused, unusual bodily movements? The Flo)(ps project is a series of interactive glasses that were designed to study the habitual and explorative sonic gestures in everyday objects and their impact on social interaction in semipublic locations. Link http://www.interstices.uqam.ca/en/projects/item/48-flops.html

Gesture Follower and other projects by Frédéric Bevilacqua

Abstract The Gesture Follower is a system for real-time following and recognition of time profiles. In this example the Gesture Follower learns three gestures, i.e drawings using the mouse, while we simultaneously record voice data. During the "performance", the Gesture Follower recognizes which gesture is being performed, and plays the corresponding sound, time stretched or compressed depending on the pacing of the gesture. Link http://imtr.ircam.fr/imtr/Gesture_Follower

Exploring sound/gesture typo-morphology for enactive computer music performance by Thomas Grill

Link http://grrrr.org/

Projects by Loic Kessous

Links http://vimeo.com/16342419 and http://vimeo.com/16343371

La Valise by Daniel Arfib

Link http://multicom.imag.fr/recherche/?article139

Projects by Alexander Refsum Jensenius

Presenting work with various motion-capture systems, with cameras and on the body. Mainly for expert performance. Also presents the mod.sonifyer Link http://www.arj.no/

Works by Kjartan Olafsson

Presents CALMUS compositions and his new plans for developing this. Link http://www.listir.is/calmus/Kjartan.net/

Multi-touch Everywhere by Alain Crevoisier

Link http://www.future-instruments.net/fr/projects.php