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Profil: Benjamin Wiederkehr


Interaction Designer, Partner at Interactive Things, Editor at Datavisualization.ch. Currently doing my Master's Thesis in Interaction Design at the Zürich University of the Arts in Switzerland.



  • Research Question & Experiment Mai 6, 2012

    In the presentation of my research question and planned experiment on May 4, 2012, I presented the state of the disposition that I handed in last week. I changed one essential thing in my focus compared to the past plan: Not only will I investigate how the representation of financial infomation influences how people understand…

  • Principles For Learning by Exploration

    Learning by exploration is the process where a user builds an understanding for a subject matter through an interacting with the content at hand. For example, forming a lumb of clay with you own hands. As for digital information on a micro level, this means being tweak the representation and see the immediate reaction. On…

  • Kinect Experiments April 5, 2012

    In a three day long workshop, Max Rheiner introduced us to computer vision to working with Processing and the Kinect, a motion sensing input device by Microsoft. This piece of technology makes it easy to use camera tracking and thus create interfaces that allow the user to interact with his whole body. After understanding the basic…

  • Project Structure Plan April 3, 2012

    The project structure plan includes all phases and activities of the upcoming months. It helps me conceptualize all the necessary steps to active my goals. As it does not yet define the date related schedule, this is something I will put together in the next days.

  • Project Definition April 2, 2012

    Project Goals Gaining insights and making decisions from financial information requires for most people to collaborate with an intermediary such as a financial advisor which potentially deprives people from self-determination. The access to transparent information is, due to its’ complexity, not sufficient to foster a critical handling of financials and consequentially facilitate an independent capacity…

  • Review of My Research Residence in the United States März 24, 2012

    I had a very intense and exciting time in the United States. After a busy schedule at the SXSW festival, where I attended a great selection of sessions to learn from the best in our field, I spend my time in San Francisco with in-depth conversations, educational events and reflecting on the learned things. Following…

  • Idea Sketch März 14, 2012

    Synopsis This master thesis answers the question, how the visual and functional design of an application for the exploration, evaluation and communication of personal financial information needs to be to give the user access to the contained information. The access to transparent information is, due to its’ complexity, not sufficient to foster a more critical…

  • Topic Introduction März 3, 2012

    This is my topic introduction as presented on March 2, 2012. The full presentation can be viewed on Speaker Deck. The Reality We experience the multifaceted impact of money on our society on a daily basis. Whether it’s controlling the household budget, planning the financing of education and provision or investing in products and markets. The…