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Profil: Andrea Cruz


Master Student of Interaction Design



  • Abstract März 31, 2013

    This Master Project aims to create a biofeedback device allowing to detect stress situations and to reduce the stress level through the activation of the senses, especially of the sense of smell. The activities of daily living in combination with job and family generate stress in many persons. Symptoms like: tension, fatigue, and anxiety grow…

  • Rechercheübung für Infomarkt März 12, 2012

    – Keywords: Hormone, influence, hormonal interaction – Questions: What is hormones? How do the hormones work? | Resource                                | Keyword | Result (Title, Links) | Evaluation, usefulness | | Institutes, organizations | | Libraries, Catalogs            | | Professional database      | | E-Magazine                           | | Press database              …

  • 28. and 29.02.2012 | Designspace Workshop

    Tutor: Gerhard M. Buurman Date: 28. & 29.02.2012 Resume After presenting the general concept of my project: “Monitoring of Woman’s Body I am beginning to break my project in 5 groups: “Motivations”, ” Questions”, “Problems”, “Future” and “New Problems”. The green color represent the milestone of the concept’s develop. In the workshop, we discuss about…

  • 09.03.2012 | Workshop-Projektentwicklung

    Tutors: Stefano Vannotti | Franziska Nyffenegger | Björn Franke Date: 05.-09.03.2012 Resume One important decision to consider in this workshop is the type of the master. I need to decide between type A or B. I go for type A: “Gestaltung von Produkten, Prozessen, Informationen, Ereignissen, welche in reale oder zukünftige Kontexte eingebettet sind. Die…

  • Project Idea Februar 29, 2012

    _ Project: Monitoring of Woman’s Body _ Objectives The body of a woman is partly regulated by different hormones even during early childhood and the level of hormones is decreasing with age. Every hormone is produced in different parts of the body and gives a sign of the actual condition of the body. At puberty,…