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  • Zeichenmodule 12. Dezember 2011

    Kinect Interaktion Beschreibung Setzen Sie einige der Mausinteraktionen aus Aufgabe 5 in Kinect um. Vorgehensweise Zuerst habe ich nochmals von vorne angefangen und die ganze Applikation auf Klassen aufgebaut: Eine Klasse für die einzelnen Zeichen, ein Container der Zeichen und die Hands Klasse von Max. Als Zeichen wollte ich zuerst wieder Kreise und Quadrate verwenden,…

  • Lektion 7 – cosmic clock 25. Oktober 2011

    The idea was to create a clock that represents the time that has passed since the big bang. Since that was pretty much impossible to find out (the estimates are that roughly 13.75 billion years passed since), I decided to go for a simple clock around a globe: Three lines around the globe represent hours,…

  • Lektion 6 – SVG 22. Oktober 2011

    Planets In this example, the goal was masking the background of a SVG and having the SVG follow the cursor. Lines The goal was to be able to click the mouse on two different points, and have a ball go back and forth on a line between the two points. I extended that to an…

  • Lektion 5 – frivolous fractals 21. Oktober 2011

    Floral Recursion I modified the original tree by replacing the black lines with brown bezier curves, and drawing flowers with a floral pattern. When I realized that the background doesn’t have to be erased every time the draw() function is called, the tool turned into a floral drawing tool of sorts. By clicking and dragging…

  • Lektion 4 – Patterns

    Pattern 1 Pattern 2 No-pattern mode: Pattern 3 Experiments with Bezier Curves and points.

  • Lektion 3 – smiling orbiter 20. Oktober 2011

    The exercise was to get a smiley to turn around its own axis while orbiting around a larger smiley. This is my solution:

  • Lektion 2 – Bedingungen – smile gone vile

    The smiley gets angry when you move over its face.

  • Lektion 1 – Experiment 19. Oktober 2011

    This was my first experimenting with processing and the first few examples. Through adjusting the values (more or less) arbitrarily interesting patterns emerged. This leaf near the grid was the final piece of work (I hadn’t documented the first few steps).