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collective stories

These stories are the result of collective morning hallucination following a structured approach of imagining wonderful futures...
Frankenstein Moments (audio)
Story 1. Just go with the flow, dancing with the stream “DO THE DANCE” Justice music band says. I would say dance with the flow of happiness. Why not. Well because it will be too expensive and I will loose my job due to financial problems. With good planning you can avoid the oncoming problems. Depends on if you will create problems? If you decide to create problems, make sure thy are convoluted and yet have elegant solutions. When they are solved, a satisfaction will spread out and produce energy. And there will be light!
Story 2. A cloud drifts in ans says “Hello!”. Making a step forward and diving into... … dark space, the light appears the light gathers around me, illuminating my body from down up, as if scanning for information, while I stand frozen. When I move light is spread again depending on my destination and my wishes. Where do I want to go? What do I feel like eating? Who do I want to meet? Small particles are feeling in different proportions several spots and roads. The light takes shape of the rain. It drops on my palm make music, bounce to his hands where they accumulate into a waterfall. The waterfall is full of colour and spins the turbines for our colour cloud factory. And now it is time to die.
Story 3. I imagine the tree that can’t be chopped and gives more flowers than you can imagine 🙂 green flowers? Or maybe blue ones, or even golden ones. Imagine the wildest patterns of different colors, but without being too much ‘pop’. Once it got figured out how people could tune their mood with this color machine, it sold better than iPods. And when you put your ears near the soldering, the color machine whispers to you with a deep voice. And the message is exactly what you thought at this moment. And so you think “how did it know what I was thinking?” and it ask you the same question.
Story 4. Some Day, in a floating city of bubbly houses... constructed on floating surfaces, the colors changes, peoples bodies have grown together with the artificial boat-like structures, allowing them to swim and exchange information through water. This could be called further, so that communicating through water got leveraged for communicating and exchanging information between human bodies. People could feel the currents and the currents carried the information. And the information brings us bananas. No longer need to waste the shell of bananas: their fibre-like structure could be used to weave flexible and durable textiles. From this day the city is not dependant to the spiderwebs. we have found another way to keep it ‘floating’ in the abism, Bananas. But still the question stays: Why they are curved? Is it because of non-euclidean geometry?
Story 5. I walked into a cold, dark room and, when it realized I was there, the room became warmer, light, and inviting. The light warmed up my day and gave me power. Travelling with the speed of light could be a lot of fun. If you wouldnt get these terrible headaches - but just get a a new biomorphic suite and you’ll be fine. You will be able to dance, move and shake all your body in such great condition. But do not forget a storm is still on the way.
Story 6. We are dining with friends in a restaurant by the beach – moved by wind and shaped by sand. You can enter the restaurant wherever you find it and be carried to another place. When you enter other places it adapts itself in shape and color, and depending on temperatures changes it’s size. Moreover textures react to your moods. The seem to be chaotic and if you are not concerned and not looking carefully it is. But in fact they are following a kind of symphony. As your awareness of them increases you fold into yourself and suddenly expand into the space around you, losing your boundaries. As your boundaries are lost, you set in contact with other structures that are also “free of ending” then your perception of space becomes wider and you fed in a constant journey to the inside. And suddenly you wake up and you realize that it was just a dream and you look at your hand and there you see a low light fading to black.
Story 7. I am imagining colors that don`t exist. The colors are so strange that you will have no reference to them, they will change your way of thinking, your way of living. So I decided to go for a swim, because the air was so dry and my clothes needed a wash. Does the dry air make colours fade like the washing machine does? Or is there sound coming out of the structure? It`s impossible to say what is going on, but suddenly it smells like mothballs. The scent is keeping the moths from eating our wool sweaters, but also driving the people back outside. The moths destroyed the city, it’s time for the new material, a new city.
Story 8. A parasite-like structure that can morph in such a way that it can adapt to the environment and hold, stick, squeeze however the situation requires it. Moreover, it can sense and communicate with other creatures as well. Whenever it gets in contact with other parasites, it is possible that it replicates itself like a virus. And probably there is the chance that something new is created out of the parasite cells – a think with a new structure and a new behaviour. The parasite is trying to take your blood to encode it into the building matrix. Your stolen DNA is mixed with everyones to grow new and wonderfully horrifying structures, which roam around the planet looking for new involuntary DNA donors. Once suitable candidates have been found, those are trapped in processing chambers and their DNA is harvested. The now lifeless bodies are filled with electronics and propelled into space, where they act as short-lived geo-positioning satellites.
Story 9. I enter the room and my dream performed in the room welcomes me. My dream plays out before me, it’s everything I want but full of challenges and surprises. Huge structures emerge from the ground. Turning, folding, splashing into the air. The wings of the building expand to protect people underneath. Or they are coming really close to the people, disturbing them in their hurry and self-centered life. They take away your phone and make you grow a small farm on your desk at work. Then a number changed your desktop background into another, but that’s nothing new to you.