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Alive Spaces Schedule

WEEK 1 Tuesday 25.10.2011 9.30 - Introduction (Karmen) 10.00 - Background Research: study one of these designer's works and make a short presentation about it (10-15 min). 12-15.00 - MoodBoard exercise: Go outside and  video record complex and organic movement that you find interesting. Make a poster with images of nature that will inspire your design. 15.00 - Overview over smart materials used in the Actuated Matter workshop (Florian) Wednesday 26.10.2011 9.00 - 10.30  Presentation Background and Moodboard Exercise 11.00 Scenarios Brainstorming 13.00 - 15.00 Excursion to EMPA Dübendorf (www.empa.ch) Mechanical Systems Engineering, Contact: Gabor Kovacs Überlandstrasse 129, CH-8600 Dübendorf meeting point at the reception (red building at the entrance) Thursday 27.10.2011 Lycra Brainstorming Friday 28.10.2011 individual reviews -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WEEK 2 Tuesday 1.11.2011
9.30-17.00 Introduction to EAPs and how to make them (Karmen)
Wednesday 2.11.2011
13.30 Reviews (Karmen and Florian)
Thursday 3.11.2011
13.30 Reviews (Karmen and Florian)
Friday 4.11.2011
13.30 Prototype Presentation
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WEEK 3 Tuesday 8.11.2011
13.00 Presentation
Wednesday 9.11.2011
13.30 Reviews (Karmen and Florian)
Thursday 10.11.2011
13.30 Reviews (Karmen and Florian)
Friday 11.11.2011
13.00 Final Presentation (videos)