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Goals & Structure


In this course students will learn about: - spatial and urban field research - methods for capturing individual and social experiences - experimental approach to design of spatial interactions - understanding of spatial and temporal aspects of affordances

1.Week: Observing Attention

In this week students will develop techniques and methodologies on how to study attention in public spaces. Therefore they will observe in groups the following modalities of space: - Sounds - Tactile Experiences - Movements - Light

2.Week: Composing Attention

In this week students will have the possibility to setup their ideas in an interactive environment. Therefore we will provide a variety of different technologies to work and experiment with.

3.Week: Performing Attention

The work of the previous weeks will cumulate this week in a performative setting at Bühne A in Gessnerallee. Here the projects "Räume der Aufmerksamkeit", "LabSlots" und "Performative Attention in Liquid Spaces" will come together. Students will observe their own and others experiments to understand their influence in a Constructed Attention Space.