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Graphomat Jr.

Blog_Top During an interdisciplinary workshop at the Design Department of ZHdK Graphomat jr. was developed for playing around the subject of automated and autonomous drawing. Graphomat jr. is a creative tool as well as a platform for learning the basics of programming and developing for robotics. Therefore we wanted Graphomat jr. to be as simple as possible and at the same time flexible to use him a variety of applications.


An important factor for us was that we could make Graphomat jr. an open source project and therefore we proudly provide the Hardware as well as Software resources here.


Graphomat jr. consists of four Dynamixel Servos, a custom made Aluminium arm and a lasercut Plexiglas base. All informations for building Graphomat by yourself could be found at the Hardware section of this site. A list of required components and detailed plans are supplied.


The software package to run Graphomat jr. on Mac, Windows and Linux is provided in the Software section of this site. We use Processing as environment.


This project was developed at the Physical Computing Lab at ZHdK. Max Rheiner and Moritz Kemper are responsible for building the hardware and developing the software for Graphomat jr. In an initial workshop twenty students from various fields used Graphomat Jr. and developed innovative concepts on robotic drawing.