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The software for driving Graphomat jr. consists basically of three components. First the "Simple Dynamixel" library, which manages the serial communication between the computer and the servos. Second the "Simple KDL" which is an implementation of inverse kinematics for Processing. And third "Graphomat JR" which is the core for controlling the robot. All these software packages are hosted on google code and will be explained in more detail below.

Simple Dynamixel

In order to control the servos we are using a USB2Dynamixel Controller. The Simple Dynamixel library we are providing here is a Java implementation of the commands found in the Dynamixel datasheet. This library works with all TTL interfaced servos from Robotis (AX-12W+B, AX-18A, MX-28R+T, MX-64R+T, MX-106R+T). Download Library: SimpleDynamixel

Simple KDL

Simple KDL implements inverse kinematic for Java. This part is needed to resolve the angles for the servos depending on the final position of the pencil. Download Library: SimpleKDL

Graphomat JR

Finally Graphomat JR is the sketch you will be using most often. This sketch implements all functionality for calibrating and drawing with Graphomat jr. A detailed overview of functions is given in the "How to..." section of this site. Download Sketch: GraphomatJr