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Profil: Michael Zimmermann


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  • 07 Sensor 12. Dezember 2011

    Michael_Zimmermann_Arduino_Code 07 Sensor During this part of the Arduino introduction we used sensors to send real world values back into processing or arduino to be used as we saw fit. There where alot of sensors used ranging from pressure sensors to distance sensors to noise sensors etc. I used the distance sensor as it appealed…

  • 10 Waving Machine

    Michael_Zimmermann_Arduino_Code 10 Waving Machine Using the distance sensor and some laser cutting I created a small machine that waved back when you waved at it. In the code you will see that in this example the difficulty was in creating a buffer for smaller movements so that the robot only waved when you wave at…

  • 12 Lauf Der Dinge

    Michael_Zimmermann_Arduino_Code 12 Lauf Der Dinge This was the most fun part of the module. When we created a Fishli & Weiss like installation where each classmember took responsibility for creating a piece of the chain. Taking an input from another classmates Idea and somehow using processing and arduino to create their own output to transfer…

  • 05 Lauflicht

    Michael_Zimmermann_Arduino_Code 05 Lauflicht In Lauflicht we programmed a chain of LEDS to create a walking light type effect.  

  • 03 Logik

    Michael_Zimmermann_Arduino_Code 03 Logik In this module we used simple logic boards and their diagramms so we could figure out how to connect them to arduino and how we could use them.

  • 02 Widerstand 8. Dezember 2011

    Michael_Zimmermann_Arduino_Code 02 Widerstand In this module we simply learned the ins and outs of resistors and how to calculate which resistor to use in what situation. For example calculating the resistor needed to make sure a LED doesnt burn out when attached to 12v stream of electricity.  

  • 01 – Keyboard Hack 1. November 2011

    Group Eddi Lecesne / Fabian Troxler / Mike Zimmermann Idea For the keyboard hack we created a connection between the Pencil and Sharpener. Once the pencil is sharp enough the contact is made and Processing give the user feedback that the Pencil is sharp! Processing code: