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Course 2010 : Emphatic Design Course 2009 : Social Places

Interaction Design Process Literature

Religion Background Research Interaction Projects
  • The Prayer Companion by Gaver et al. Paper at http://www-users.cs.york.ac.uk/~mblythe/PDF/gaver.pdf
  • ikBijt by Dana, J-B and Nadya
Philosophy / Theology Spiritual Practices, New Age
  • Eckhart Tolle interview (The Power of Now)

Group Sebastian, Thomas, Fabian T.

iChurch (Church 2.0): http://www.ichurch.de/ DesignChurch (CMS especially for churches): http://www.designchurch.de/ Online Confession: http://www.beichte.de/ Mysterious Machines: http://portal.acm.org/results.cfm?h=1&cfid=18665318&cftoken=26341255 Technology in spiritual formation: an exploratory study of computer mediated religious communications Technology as replacement for relegion: http://members.chello.at/gre/fleissner/documents/technikreligion.html

Group Rafael, Eddi, Yves

Sound- und Lichtanimation in der Kirche echnology in Spiritual Formation: An Exploratory Study of Computer Mediated Religious Communications Sabbath Day Home Automation: "It's Like Mixing Technology and Religion" The Prayer Companion Openness and Specificity, Materiality and Spirituality The Role of etnography in interaction Design Leveraging Semantic Web Technologies for Standardized Knowledge Modeling and Retrieval from the Holy Qur'an and Religious Texts Exploring the use of large displays in american megachurches Shared moments: opportunities for mobile phones in religious participation

Group Dominik, Samuel, Nina

Exploring the use of large displays in american megachurches Rainbow Church by Tokujin Yoshioka Robert Stadler installation in a Parisian church Sacred imagery in techno-spiritual design ReReligion / Confess or ... A redesign of religions to the daily lifestyle - a critique on religious institutions of power and rituals. Praystation It offers "Fast Faith" in the shape of a booth, where an e-priest plays the part of a conscience. Prayer helmet / Prayer Antenna a porcupine-like helmet that allow its wearer to receive signals from God. Sacral Design & Media Lies AltarNation: interface design for meditative communities By lighting candles, users enter a shared virtual community of users represented by a field of stars, each associated with a sound sample of a prayer, song, joy, or concern of another user. Photos Extraordinary computing: religion as a lens for reconsidering the home Our findings show how Christians distinguish these aspects of domestic life from their secular counterparts. Technology in spiritual formation: an exploratory study of computer mediated religious communications In this paper, we report findings from a study of American Christian ministers' uses of technologies in religious practices. ThanatoFenestra: photographic family altar supporting a ritual to pray for the deceased "ThanatoFenestra" is a family altar which displays the images of the deceased depending on a candlelight's movement..." Video

Group Diego, Joël, Fabian

God Positioning System Can we have spiritual experiences on-line? Purusing genius loci: interaction design and natural places Technology in spiritual formation: an exploratory study of computer mediated religious communications 'Awake Are Only the Spirits' - On Ghosts and Their Media imenorah You can light the candles with the touch of your finger. Take part in the century-old tradition of lighting the Hanukkah candles… now available at your fingertips! New valley Church Energy4You Mandalas–from the Sanskrit word meaning "circle"–are concentric diagrams that are often displayed in sacred art, and represent the wholeness and unity desired by people. There are many beliefs that practice some form of meditation as part of their rituals, including Hinduism and Buddhism. These religions are known to use mandalas to aid them in focusing their energies and attentions, among other things. Confession: A Roman Catholic App Have you sinned? Wanna confess that bad deed virtually? There's an app for that! Confession app from Little iApps is a new church-approved iPhone app that can help realign your spirits without having to step into a church. What's more the confession app was recently reviewed by a Catholic bishop who has given his imprimatur, which is like a seal of approval. Confession is the first of its kind in the App Store and will probably be the beginning of a change in the penitent process.

Group Patrick, Eva & Michael

Mixing Technology and Religion Opportunities for Mobile Phones in Religions Participation Fostering Social Awareness and Reflections in Museums Transcendant Experience Lichtinstallationen in Kirchen Pray-App for iPhone Vipassana heißt, "die Dinge so zu sehen, wie sie wirklich sind". In einem 10-Tage-Kurs schulen die Teilnehmer ihre Konzentrations- und Wahrnehmungsfähigkeit, um sie dann für eine tiefgreifende Betrachtung und Erforschung der eigenen körperlichen und geistigen Realität einzusetzen. Mittels dieser Übung entwickeln sich schrittweise Einsicht und Gleichmut. Negative Verhaltensmuster, wie zum Beispiel Verspannung, Ärger, Gier, Angst und Ungeduld können nach und nach abgebaut und positive Qualitäten wie Ausgeglichenheit, Toleranz, Großzügigkeit und Mitgefühl entwickelt werden. Vipassana