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Lesson 2.1 – Simple Reactor

Simple Reactor

//“Make an object respond to the proximity of another object.”
PShape basicShape;
int arrayWidth = 20; 
int arrayHeight = 20; 
float shapeWidth = 20; 
float shapeHeight = 20; 
float reactorScaler = .02;
int screenWidth = 700;
int screenHeight = 700;
int xOffset = floor(screenWidth/2-(shapeWidth*arrayWidth/2));
int yOffset = floor(screenHeight/2-(arrayHeight*shapeHeight/2));
PVector reactorPosition;

void setup() {
        reactorPosition = new PVector(0, 0);
        basicShape = loadShape("data/circle.svg");

void draw() {
 pushMatrix(); //saves current position of the coordinate system
  translate(xOffset,yOffset);//translate array to center 
  for(int i = 0; i<arrayWidth; i++ ) {
      for(int j = 0; j<arrayHeight; j++ ) {
          PVector myPos = new PVector(i*shapeWidth, j*shapeHeight);
          float reactorDistance = dist(reactorPosition.x, reactorPosition.y, myPos.x, myPos.y);
          float scaler = reactorDistance*reactorScaler;
          shape(basicShape, myPos.x, myPos.y, shapeWidth*scaler, shapeHeight*scaler);
          //line(posX, posY, reactorPosition.x, reactorPosition.y); //show line to reactor position


int mouse_X() {
  return (mouseX - xOffset); //correct positions matrix translations

int mouse_Y() {
  return (mouseY - xOffset); //correct positions matrix translations
  void mouseMoved(){
          reactorPosition.x = mouse_X();
          reactorPosition.y = mouse_Y();

Exercise: Create two new examples by modifying the code with different reactor shapes that respond not only with size change. Try rotation, colour change or deformations.