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Blog-Thema: Software & Tools

IRCAM Forum Studio Software

Auf der folgenden Seite findet man einige Tools und Software für die live Synthese von Audio. Diese Tools eignen sich für Alle, die sich weiter mit dem Thema Sound auseinandersetzen wollen. IRCAM Forumnet

Cosm: Datenservice für “The Internet of Things”

von der Website https://cosm.com: Cosm makes the world more connected. The Internet of Things is happening, and it’s being built right here on Cosm. Founded as Pachube in 2008, Cosm has grown under the vision that open is better than closed and sharing is better than hoarding. Today, Cosm is the platform, API and community…

Nike+ Produktereihe: Smart Sports / Training Assistant

Nike+ devices track your runs, your walks, your entire athletic life. Besteht aus verschiedenen Produkten (Armbänder, Uhren, Schuhe…), welche sportliche Betätigung messen und auswerten. Entsprechende Apps existieren für iOS & Android http://nikeplus.nike.com/plus/

SweatSonics on Android

(von Stephen Barras’ Blog) Stephen schreibt: “SweatSonics Probe provides 6 sonifications of the accelerometer in your mobile PDA. You get information about your movement as well as listening pleasure. For more information see this paper Barrass, S., Schaffert, N., Barrass, T. (2010) Probing Preferences between Six Interactive Sonifications Designed for Recreational Sports, Health and Fitness, in…

Mozzi – Soundsynthese für Arduino

(von Stephen Barras’ Blog)   Mozzi brings your Arduino to life by allowing it to produce much more complex and interesting growls, sweeps and chorusing atmospherics. These sounds can be quickly and easily constructed from familiar synthesis units like oscillators, delays, filters and envelopes. You can use Mozzi to generate algorithmic music for an installation…