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Assignments 1: Background Research and Concept In your research and concept development consider the following questions: -Experience/Users: What exactly happens to lucid dreamers? What does it feel like?What is the experience of moving from reality to dream? Why people daydream? Who would want to use such a product? What is the motivation for people to lucid dream? - Object/Product: What type of feedback is your object going to provide? What different uses can your object have? How does the form related to the experience of the lucid dreaming?What existing projects relate to your concept? What do you find important in those examples? Deliverable 1: Background research and concept (sketches, stories, personas).
  • Date: 28 October 2010, 13.00
Assignment 2: First Prototype or Video Scenario Develop a first prototype or a video scenario that shows the object, but more importantly the atmosphere, the emotions and the life style of your users. Deliverable 2: A first prototype or a video scenario showing the experience and the context of use of your product. Date: 3 November 2010, 13.00 Assignment 3: Prototype Develop a working prototype or a non-interactive mockup (that you can use in the video) Deliverable 3: Working prototype or mockup which will be used in a video scenario. Date: 9 November 2010, 13.00