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Cedric Steiger Industrial Design

Caitlin Dobozi Style & Design

Simon Müller Interaction Design

Samuel Bauer Interaction Design

Concept Video (Samuel Bauer)

_________________________________________________________________________________________________ Moods from the Movie _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Illustrator Vector Workflow _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Storyboard Sketches _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Storyboard Text _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Intro Do you know the feeling? You are tired, you want to sleep, but your head is full of lurking thoughts that you cannot let go of. 2. [A] Object There are different meditative concepts like Yoga or…

Prototype (Samuel & Simon)

The prototype is made with Max/Msp and gives a suggestion of the user’s contidition depending on the movement with object. The sound output is controlled from a interface which has midi connections to Ableton Live. Certainly in future it should work fully automated. The object contains an at the moment just an acceleration sensor. It…

Object (Cédric Steiger)

Goal was to get an object, which conains the two phases to get to sleep. First: Active movement. you can bend and squeeze the object Second: haptic experience. you can discover the object with your fingers. cold – warm – soft – … In this designs I used a skeletton construction covered with fabric, to…

Sound (Simon Müller)

The Sound should accompany the user during the hole process when he goes to sleep. Therefore it is a good way to have a closer look on what happen with the body during this time. Breathing and Heartbeat are reference points which can be guided from the sound to slow down. Synchronization from Sound and…

Light (Caitlin Dobozi)

Inspiration Particle Design: http://particledesigner.71squared.com/index.php?page=info Lighting: Colored lighting can enhance an atmosphere. Certainly color lights are heavily used in stage sets to create moods. In a home, however, they should be applied with much restraint—and be much less intense or saturated. When overdone, colored lights destroy the appearance of materials and people’s coloring. A case in…

Research (All)

Sleepy..? Fear of sleep (“This American Life” Podcast) Sleep (Radiolab podcast) _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Brainstorming Ideas & Analysis _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Summary of the Brainstorming _________________________________________________________________________________________________ First Concept Definition Most people at some point in their lifes experence having some trouble falling asleep. Athought there can be many reasons for this one of the more common reasons tends to…