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Alain Frapolli, IAD
Felicitas Dagostin, VSD
Jonas Haefele, VSD
Micha "Das Gelbe M", IAD

We live in a world where we have to be productive 100% of our waking day and where time is becoming increasingly valuable. Sleep, in general, is becoming more and more of a luxury. We therefore felt the need to start thinking about utilising the “dead” time we spend sleeping at night.
DreamCloud is an system (pillow and smartphone application) that records a sleeper’s dreams by waking him up gently during the night, as a tool to keep track of them better.
The object trains the aptitude of the user to recall his dreams more easily, promoting the luxury of sleeping and using dreams, for instance, as a potential tool to resolve current personal issues or a source of creativity.

DreamCloud Concept and Manual

It’s the end of a long and crazy day and you’re exhausted. You have a lot on your mind; experiences you had during the day, issues that have to be resolved, ideas that have to be generated. And last but not least, barely any free time to do any of these things. Why not utilise…

App Design

The DreamCloud App is available for both Android and iOS devices and gives the user the possibility to listen to his latest dream recordings, add titles, notes, tags and categories to them or browse through the archive of past dreams. On the “Detail Page” the user can listen to his or her dream by clicking…

Pillow Design

Pillow Design – What had to be considered for Dream Facilitation and Optimisation Factors that encourage dreaming and deep sleep: Training – keeping a “dream-diary” (“Träume erinnern und deuten” von Christoph Gassmann) Recording dreams in as much detail as possible and including all sensory impressions like colors, images, sounds, tastes, people’s expressions, settings, feelings, and…


General Functions of the Pillow and Mobile Prototype The DreamCloud prototype was built with the following components: one Gyroscope, two self-produced soft buttons, one mini microphone (apple headphone remote mic) and one self-produced vibration unit. Max MSP was used to add logic and record files. Max MSP Patch dreamcloud_v9.maxpat In action: Impressions

Concept Video

Stills Some impressions from our concept video. Sketches Storyboard


We decided to carry on working on an object that records a sleeper’s dreams by waking him up gently during the night, as a tool to keep track of them better. The object trains the aptitude of the user to recall his dreams to promote the luxury of sleeping and use the dreams as a source…

Concepts and Ideas

1. MySleepGuardian “Guruga” The concept behind this idea was to create a companion that acts like a guardian for young children. The name is mix between the jap. short form of “Nuigurumi” (jap. stuffed animal) and Guardian. Guruga hugs the child and begins to simulate calm breathing. It vibrates to the breathing rhythm, while its…

Background Research

Individual research was conducted tackling the topics of going to sleep, sleeping, dreaming, lucid dreaming, waking up and the rituals, gadgets, problems, medical conditions and facilitators/aids involved in these processes, also supported with references of science, pseudo-science, film and art. Examples: Electronic sleep mask for a worry-free train nap Dream Helmet xslabs from Joanna Berzowska -…