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Lucid Mind

Julia Brümmer, Lukas Baumgartner, Dinis Meier, Jan Huggenberg

First Homevideos

We already asked some people to make very short movies of them self while they use the “lucid mind” or when they tell some stories about it. In those homevideos you can see people which had good but also bad experiences. We want to show both sides. This device can cause infections, doesn’t work if used…

Working on the Prototype

the form to cast silicon

While Dinis and Jan have been working last week on the storyboard and the location for the short movie, Julia and Lukas created the prototype. After long discussions about the design, we decided to make something small with a easy-understandeble shape. We also thought that it should cause some pain when you plug it to your head or unplug…

Making the Movie

Prearrangements Before starting with making the movies at least one mockup of the product had to be finished and ready to deploy. For the role of the young journalist we hired a actor from the theater program at the zhdk. Filming We spent one day filming at the Uetliberg, the train, the forrest, a bedroom,…


Situation Ein junger Journalist wagt den Selbstversuch mit einem Gerät, welches angeblich erlaubt, reale Erlebnisse aufzunehmen und in die eigenen Träume einzubetten. Das Video nimmt er in Eigenregie in seiner Freizeit auf und soll nicht formal wirken . Sein persönliches Ziel ist es die Öffentlichkeit über diese Entwicklung zu informieren und seine eigenen Erfahrungen damit…


Description The Product is attached to the temple of the users head. As soon as it is attached it allows the user to record real life events and replay them in the his dreams. The recording status is displayed by a blue LED that is embedded into the device. At night the product activates it…


After having several discussions about the topic and the goal we want to achieve in our working group. We decided to focus on transporting real life events into the dream world. Inspired by the recent movie “Inception” we will create a fictive scenario of a product that let’s the user record real life events and replay play…

Relax at ETH

For our research we decided to take a look at the ETH Relax zone. This place offers beds for tired students. There are 12 beds with three different configurations to choose from. 1. plain bed 2. feet-shaking bed 3. headphones bed 4. music-vibration bed We tried all of them in the afternoon. But even if…