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Workshop 1

Methodology and Research Questions

Instructor:    Karmen Franinovic [karmen.franinovic@zhdk.ch] Time: 14 March and 18 March 2011 Location: Raum FI007 This workshop is focused on formulating your MA research questions and developing a suitable methodology  which can help you answer them. --------------------------------------------------------------

Topic 1: Research Questions

The first goal of this workshop is to define a more specific research questions which will be addressed in your practice-based MA project. --------------------------------------------------------------

Topic 2: Interaction Design Sketching

The second topic will cover sketching ideas for interaction design. Other methods, such as design matrix, speed-dating, bodystorming, scenario enactment will be discussed. --------------------------------------------------------------

Topic 3:  Interaction design Methodology

The third aim is to help you structuring your research methodology. -------------------------------------------------------------


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