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Andrés Villa Torres

Andrés Villa Torres


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First Christmas lighting with Arduino… :)

This part is dedicated to describe my learning process in this field, hopefully, something nice will come up Christmas Lights Testing how to match light intensity with sonic wave intensity Arduino + Supercollider Trying out the possibilities of binding physical computing with sound processors, using a potentiometer pluged in to “arduino uno” to control parameters…

mute music_arbeitsplan

mute music_glossary

Physical phenomena: I refer to every event that occurs in the material reality and produces an enviroment reaction. Skill: Talking about the actions that a human being can perform by nature, for example grab, and how they develop to perform complexer tasks: hold a pen in the correct way in order to have enough balance…

mute music_topics

mute music_description

Project Description User: Deaf or Hearing Impaired Person Purpose: Expression // Communication // Integration improvement How: Providing tools to manipulate, reproduce and augment physical phenomena in the same way music does with sound Focuses: User Specific Skills // User Experiences Improvement // Skills Improvement // Artefact capabilities development What the project is not: Music Visualization//…

mute music_process

This gallery shows the search for a working modell to find ideas for experiments based on the concept “mute music”, with the purpose of building proto tasks for an iterative performing artefact.