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November 11-28, 2014 ___________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 1: November 11-14 ___________________________________________________________________________ Tuesday Nov. 11
Morning: 10:00 - Intro lectures Karmen Franinovic - IAD / Enactive Environments Dino Rossi - Soft Robotics > Pneu- nets
Afternoon: Intro to casting soft actuators Work in teams of two for the remainder of the week Casting/playing with actuators   Wednesday Nov. 12
10:00 - Intro to mold design in Rhino Mold fabrication (laser cutting)
Casting in own molds Design / Fabrication / Casting iterations
  Thursday Nov. 13
Design / Fabrication / Casting iterations   Friday Nov. 14
Morning: Start developing concepts for presentation on morning of Tuesday Nov. 18 Afternoon: 14:00 - Guest Lecture "Aesthetics and Perceptronium: Experience as a State of Matter" by Alexander Wilson. Room 4.K16. More info - http://www.zhdk.ch/?agenda/detail&vid=22489
16:00 - Week review meeting, prep for following week  
___________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 2: November 18-21 ___________________________________________________________________________ Tuesday Nov. 18 10:00 - Each team of two presents concepts/prototype actuator Vote on concepts to select two for further development Create two large teams to develop selected concepts for remainder of module Afternoon: 14:00 - Guest Lecture "Sensuality of the Synthetic" by Michael Wihart. Room 4.K14. More info - http://www.zhdk.ch/?agenda/detail&vid=22491   Wednesday Nov. 19
Design Development 14:00 - Design review meeting with Karmen and Dino 30 minutes with each group
Thursday Nov. 20
Design Development / Iterative prototyping Production Planning Order any materials by this afternoon so they arrive early next week
16:00 - Design review meeting
  Friday Nov. 21 (Infotag)
Design Development / Iterative prototyping Production Planning 16:00 - Week review meeting, prep for following week  
___________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 3: November 25-28 ___________________________________________________________________________
Tuesday Nov. 25
Production / Documentation
Wednesday Nov. 26
Production / Documentation
  Thursday Nov. 27
Production / Documentation Assembly / Installation
  Friday Nov. 28
Final Presentation / Vernissage