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Finaler Prototyp (Gruppe 1)

Intro; For the final prototype we used Molab as a sound design tool and an Edirol midi controller. The sounds where designed and altered to fit our presentation by Reaper. For the concept to the project check our main page to understand what we where trying to accomplish with the sound concept and why. The Presentation concept Photos; The Sounds; To create the sounds that matched our situation we had to research a long time to find fitting audio snippets. Sonic Interaction by Samuel Stoecklin The footsteps; The footsteps is the sound of hands hitting a table in different ways. Then we pitched it and equalized it to make it deeper and create the attack we wanted. Then we exported the sound in Reaper and assigned cut off and moverb in Molab. As well as decay. All this was mapped into the midi keyboard. The Welcoming Door; The welcoming door are wind chimes that we recorded in Solothurn on the balcony. We imported it into reaper and changed the pitch and equalizer settings so it fit. Then in Moolab we assigned a transpose to the midi keyboard to give a more fairytale sound and feel which is better suited to our presentation and the welcoming sound it should make. The Rejecting Door; The rejecting door is a lift door we recorded as it was closing. We multiplied the sound on multiple audio layers to make it fatter and more chorus like. Then we pitched it to make it darker and added a slight chorus to make it more dark. And in Moolab we played it as a loop and transposed the loop to fit the sound in the way we want it. Time Lapse; The time lapse (which is the feature that played a recording of the last 15 minutes at the location you swipe the wall). The time lapse was a conversation that we recorded in the halls of the school. We also incorporated closing door sounds that we recorded and the lift again. We didnt change the conversation too much and layered the other sounds to make it sound like what would happen in the average hall at a school. In the presentation so everyone hears the voices we made the sound 10 seconds long but in actual fact the sound should be a 3 second or so summary of what was recorded in 15 minutes. The Video