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Gruppe 1: Social Interaction (Michael, Nina, Samuel)

Project Description // We have all heard the words "If these walls could talk." We took those words and molded a sound concept to be true to those words. If a person walks through the halls, their footsteps are amplified to enhance the feeling of being alone as well as give audio feedback to rooms around them. Are they full or empty? What happened in the halls a couple minutes ago? Can I walk into the room? All these answers are given by slight audio feedback from speakers or sound bodies embedded in the walls. Gone are the days that you have to walk into a room to see if its full or empty! Or wonder if you are welcome in a room. The walls now TELL you! Presentation Sketch // This is how the presentation is planned. Room 310; Sound Wizards; Sam & Nina Actor; Mike Step 1 Mike walks into the classroom door and looks around. He walks around a set of tables slowly and the sound of his footsteps are played by the sound wizards. Step 2 Standing from position 2 Mike slowly walks towards the wall at position 3. The room behind the wall is empty so his footsteps become more and more hollow and empty sounding as he slowly walks towards position 3. Step 3 From position 3 to position 4 to position 5 his footsteps go back to being normal as he gets further from position 3. Step 4 From step 4 to step 5 the opposite happens. The room is full and so his footsteps become more and more thick and full sounding as he approaches the door at position 5. Step 6 At step 6 Mike listens to the sound the door makes. Because the room is full and the person doesnt want to be disturbed there is a glassy sounding audio response from the door making sure no one enters. Mike realizes the sound means not welcome and backs up from the door.  Step 7. Mike walks to the other door at position 7. Again the feet can go from normal sounding to think and full as he approaches the door. Here the sound coming from the door is welcoming and warm. Mike walks in and drops a piece of paper in it and comes back into the room. Step 8. Standing at position 7 Mike looks around and looks at his watch wondering if people where there. He then swipes the wall next to him and gets the sounds of kids laughing and footsteps and _____. This should be a quick recall of what happened in the room in the past 15 minutes. This way Mike knows people had been there shortly before him. END Presentation. Sound Explanations Sound 1 ; Footsteps slightly amplified. Sound 2 ; Moving Closer to the doors (Footsteps become hollow sounding to signal an empty classroom // Footsteps become "harder" less reverb to signal a full classroom) Sound 3 & 4; Door Sounds. The doors give off a higher toned ambient sound to welcome a person into a office. The doors give off a lower toned ambient sound to fend of visitors from entering the office. Sound 5 ; The Hall Recall. By swiping your hands on the wall OR dragging feet on the ground the sounds that took place from 15 minutes ago are quickly replayed. Thus allowing quick aural feedback about the activity in the last 15 minutes.