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sensing the city

19. November 2010

Go out and follow the rules! was our exercise. But which rules? First we brainstormed in the classroom and had several ideas, but no descision. So we went out ... and defined for the trial just one rule: Follow the arrow (streetsigns, ...). During our test we saw that we have to define more rules. They were defined right now like this: 1: Follow the arrow. 2: If there are several arrows, ask someone which to follow. 3: If there is no arrow, ask someone in which direction to go. ..and here's the video: Insights
    some conversations:
  • "Which arrow should i follow?" What? There are several arrows in different directions, which one should i follow? Why do you want to know that? Because i can't cant decide So, then go left. thanks Which direction should i choose? It doesn't matter, it's just important to be on move. ... what? Which arrow should i follow?? I'm a theater-teacher and there we learn, thats very important to be moving during your whole live ??? (something about to be happy, importace for the spirit, young and active ... this monolog took around felt 10min.) so, then I should go right oh no, i would say left (confused) thanks Which direction should i go? What? is this a psyco-test?!? hehe, no For what do you want to know this? It's an experiment and you have to decide for me Then go to Olten ?? what? why to Olten? Because I live there.. I just can follow the arrows Ok, then come with me to this direction, I've got to buy a ticket ok she wanted that I stand in line with her but i followed straight the arrows fast go straight forward, there's a tourist info. *shake of the head* standing outside the cameras to be not filmed. oh no, i don't know
  • Environment There are many arrows at the mainstation. When you start at the meetingpoint, they guide you out. Outside, you were guided very fast into the station again. Most arrows are owned by the railway, other are infront of building lots. Some arrows are printed by stores.
It would be interesting to do that in a different area of zurich. So when you do that, please post your experiences