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Prototype user testing

Having connected both shoe soles to our custom made shield, we conducted some user testing to assess whether directions are understood. The subjects had to find out the directions we chose by themselves. We used duct tape to make all cables stick together.

Compass + Arduino / DakaX

The compass is a HONEYWELL HMC6343 with tilt capability, although we only use the heading information for our prototype. For Arduino Users The compass’ SDA Pin needs to be connected to Arduino Duemilanove’s Analog Pin 4. The SCL is connected to the Analog Pin 5. We also used two resistor, both 4.7kΩ: The first connected…

Footsoles & Shield Beta Version

Impressions of our beta version of both, the shoe sole and the shield. The shield

Hall Sensor Test

A short to evaluate whether the hall sensor would work through 4-5mm thick fabric.

First sole wired to shield

The alpha version of our shield is being tested thoroughly with the first shoe sole. In the next version we shall also hook up the hall sensor to execute the heels clicking.

Shoe sole prototype 1.0

For this prototype we used seven vibrator units each with a diameter of a approx. 8mm. To avoid too much voltage going back into the micro-controller we utilized a diode, a transistor and a 1k Ohm resistor for each vibrator. Front Back Video

Algorithm diagram

We created this algorithm diagram to have a clear picture of all the procedures.

Tactile Feedback Research

We researched various materials and devices to physically test the feeling. Another important question was, how high the resolution of our matrix needs to be. Haptic Interface Links/Ideas This device uses the Braill technology Link: Tactile Phone lets blind access multi-media features with digital texture Link: http://www.golem.de/0905/67114.html Dynamische Blindenschrift Matrix Link: flexible-band-aid-sized-tactile-display Electrical impulse matrix…

Pre-Alpha Testing

We started to program our concept idea simultaneously in C onto the Micro-controller and in MAX MSP to rapid-prototype. In MAX we used multiple LEDs to create a simple matrix, thus allowing us to simulate various pattern sequences. In a further step these LEDs will be replaced with an array of vibrations units or an…

Concept Video

Blind Tags aid visually impaired people in guiding themselves e.g. to the right train at railway stations. Our concept idea is to use this sensory way of navigating by building a similar tactile feedback into sneakers. By creating a dynamic matrix of feedback spots on the sole itself the user can “feel” where his desired…

Concept Ideas

Concept 1: Capture the flag Free for all or Team based Game 1 Flag per day / hour / x-hours Bring “Flag” to Goal position Initial Flag position will be transmitted to all players e.g. Buzzing braclet (Buzzing stronger the closer one gets to flag carrier) Goal position is only known by the player that…


Brainstorming We first thought about various metaphors, goals and motivations to interact. Parameters A list of possible parameters we could use to inform/alarm the user that a change has happened or is about to occur. – Smell – Size – Temperature – Amount or Kind of people – Wind (Strength) – Weight – Physical position…