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Handshake Handshake gives recommendations of places around you.

Prospects with this device

With this new device are different prospects with haptic feedbacks possible. Examples are: Feedback for xbox kinect Juggling with an imagined ball Picking some unvisible stuff like datas up and let it anywhere you want drop Sharing some computerized datas between people Bring your digital dog out! With other shapes on other body-locations: Selfinflating pillow…


ToDo’s Concept refinement 2 Prototypes running Air pillows Prototype Movie Prototypes Feel-Glove 3 Pillows 2 Airtubes 2 GegenPillows (Manual / Servo) Tech-Glove Motor AirPump 2 Pillows 1 Pressure Sensor (Bluetooth) ToBuy Nackenkissen Aquarium-Schlauch & Ventil (Handschuh) Concept Brainstorm Virtual Reality grab a object will squeeze your hand lifting the object higher will enforce the intensity…

new pillows

We bought aquarium tube (4mm) and shaped a neckpillow to two smaller ones.

First wearable Prototype 1.0 and next steps

The vibration from the pump is very feasable, so we have to change the place from the arm to the hand and try it again. The material from the inflatable parts are not stretchable, so we have to find some. The electrical circuit Technical Research (D) Pump Size etc. -> Diagramms Pumps: http://www.clarksol.com/html/prodspecsKPMSPump.cfm#purchase Glove Prototyping…

Pressure Points

We painted one hand black/brown and made a handshake with another to see where the pressure points are. In a further step we have to use this data to place some inflateable pillows in our “glove”.

Technical Concepts

Aerodynamics The electrical circuit allows to regulate the speed of the pump with a potentiometer Parts: Mini pump Mini valve Airproof bandage Tape In Progress: Feedback code on DakaX (PWM Controlled, Valve asynchron) Input sensor (Pressure) Pressure points on plastic map (laser fused) Mobile (DakaX, Battery Pack) Design & fabrics GPS Mapping Electronic Parts: http://www.clarksol.com/html/prodspecsKPMSPump.cfm#purchase…

Research – iPhone Connection

Bluetooth http://code.google.com/p/btstack/ http://humanapi.org/ Serial Cable http://devdot.wikispaces.com/Iphone+Serial+Port+Tutorial http://hcgilje.wordpress.com/2010/02/15/iphone-serial-communication/ http://modmyi.com/forums/iphone-ipod-touch-sdk-development-discussion/438191-how-do-i-access-serial-uart-usb-connection-iphone.html

Handshake – webResearch

Here are some interesting links: fully built glove for virtual interaction: product presentation yeah, the real powerglove (1991 for NES) imitating resistance by a ugly and very tekky glove some infos about the hand (just the first part) color changing textiles textiles and feedback examples: http://www.kobakant.at/ nitinol – material gets back to its original structure…


Basic requirements The feeling of shaking hands (duration, strongness, …) Detect marking of a place GPS implementation Look of the device Optional features Depending on distance and quantity of persons -> variaty of shake Changing temperature Technical variaties Squeezing of hand (servo, inflatable air pump, electro fabric) 1 . Board with GPS / Compass 2….

Handshake – Concept Movie

Intro Get recommendations of places around you withHandshake @ X-tra Mark your favourite locations by squeezing your hand twice @ Bazillus get recommendations from other people with a similar taste of places when you pass such a place you feel a gentle squeeze on your hand Outro Jonas Shriqui | Simon Müller | Dinis Meier…

sensing the city

Go out and follow the rules! was our exercise. But which rules? First we brainstormed in the classroom and had several ideas, but no descision. So we went out … and defined for the trial just one rule: Follow the arrow (streetsigns, …). During our test we saw that we have to define more rules….