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4 Main Gestures, User Testing & Presentation

4 basic gestures show the playful potential of the prototype. Summary & Presentation download final PDF Präsentation

Testing Vibra Patterns (With Prototypes)

In the first wireless testing phase everyone started playing with the band (just like an instrument). Some tried to repeat the sent signals and react to it. We tried to define some basic patterns. But although after a short time, communicating partners develop a basic language, predefined codes are very hard to understand without training.

Building the Bangle 3 (Outside Electronics)

For better mobility, all external components got fixed on an daka shield.

Building the Bangle 2 (Workshop)

To have a robust prototype for user testing we needed to close the bangle. It was a challenge to put all this electronics inside but make the bangle thin. We sewed the leather straps. Now you can play with it pretty wild without break it.

Building the Bangle 1 (Hidden Electronics)

As basic io devices four small vibrators and four self made switches were used. A gyroscope was built in, but later not used as modulator.

The Prototype Concept

For this new prototype session we set our focus to more abstract patterns (instead of emotions and simulation of human touch). More like a secret morse code that can be modulated and played a bit like a basic instrument. Without the need of a universal set of rules/decoding table but more a playful way to…

Testing Mechanics & Material

In a more mechanical approach we tried to solve the problems of correct positioning and movement of small amounts of hair and textiles. This resulted in more complex and especially heavy contraptions. The sensations were genuine but hard to incorporate in a small devices (especially jewellery). Additionally it was hard to find another working «host»…

Testing Electronics & Materials

To find out which electronic module creates which sensation, several vibrator units, small motors and capacity switches have been tested. The incorporated material and the place on the body is of great importance, and can change a felt mechanical vibration to a little bit more comfortable touch. But overall we couldn’t really find a way…

Tactile Sensibility Research

We conducted a survey to find out where touch is perceived as pleasant or unpleasant. For this, we interviewed several male and female individuals about their tactile sensitivity. The picture shows some results of the survey.

Concept Video

Concept Sketches

Jewelry Research

Friends of Carlotta (Niederdorf) & flea market (Kanzlei) To better understand the possibilities of jewellery, we took a closer look at both common knickknack and more expressive and bold designs. Although integrated digital artefacts in jewellery have been proposed since years, it’s until today not a reality. There are though several designs with moving or…

Sensing the City

Idea The idea of the excercise was to create an algorithm that led us through the city. That allowed us to experience the city in a total different way. Video Conclusion Our algorithm works only when it rains because you would otherwise have to dodge all the people. In places with many people we were quite…