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Assignment 3

Concept Video

Create a video which presents your design concept, interactive experience and urban atmosphere. Few tips:
  • Keep the video short (two-three minutes)
  • During the shooting it will help if you have a good and detailed storyboard! Represent the movement of people and things within the frame as well as the movement of the camera in each scene (i.e. zoom-in, zoom-out, close up, panoramic view etc..).
  • Prepare the props, outfits, and anything else that can contribute to the atmosphere you would like to communicate
  • While shooting, use the camera stand. Especially if you use stop-motion - when making photographs, you have to use a stand to avoid movement unless there is a good reason to do so (such as creating hectic effects or showing the passage of time though different poses of the person)
  • While shooting, keep lighting conditions stable. If there is a sequence of scenes that are connected the light should be of the same intensity (unless it is planned they should be changed).
A good example of a concept video: http://iad.projects.zhdk.ch/physicalcomputing/seminare/embodied-interaction-hs-2009/projektgruppen/nino-dondi-philipp/concept/