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Assignment 1

Sensing the City

This exercise is inspired by Situationst techniques of exploring the city. The goal is to view the possibilities for social and phenomenological public experience in a new way. 1. Make three recipes/procedures for:
  • moving through urban space
  • engaging in social interaction
  • physical interaction with your surroundings
For example, define rules such as “turn left every time you see a dog”, “ask a question to a stranger every time you hear a loud sound”, “drum for one minute on something in your surroundings every time you see a person with white shoes” etc.. 2. Go into the urban space and apply your rules. Half of the group performs the rules, while the other half documents the action in video. 3. As you move through the city, you may change or adapt your rules according to location. Why did you change these rules? 4. Edit the videos to present the most interesting parts of this experience. ________________________________________________________ RESULTS Follow the Arrow