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Bike Navigation

Project Video

Punkt.Fizn is an Android and Arduino powered bike navigation. Unlike most navigation systems we didn’t focus on a display. Directions will be given only through vibration in the handlebar. Riding a bike with Punkt.Fizn is like knowing your way already.


To create a relatively simple but working navigationsystem we wrote an Android application. Android, because we could access GPS data and XML on a webserver using the mobile phone connection. To establish communication between Android and Arduino we used Amarino. Amarino is a Libary that it allows a connection between an Android application and an…

Building Handlebars

Material research: We tried different materials in order to compare its conductibility of vibration. At first we used “Thermoplast”, plastic-granulate which melts on 60Celsius. Its moldable, when still warm and gets very strong and quite flexible when cooled. Unfortunately you can’t sanding it very good and it has a poor grindability. So we decided to…

Possible ways to access navigation data

AndNav2 AndNav2 is an open source Android application. If we would use this service we could easily install it on every Android device. Because the source is open we can change it to make it talk to the Arduino. http://www.andnav.org/ Google Maps Google Maps provides an API to access the direction and navigation service. http://code.google.com/intl/de/apis/maps/documentation/javascript/services.html#Directions…

Implementation Ideas

Speed Factor If we consider speed as an additional feedback, the user could get a constant feeling, how fast he is moving. We assume it could lead to an augmented motivation, especially for racing bikers. Keeping the same speed means you get the same constant feedback. The speed factor will not be our main-focus, but…


Existing Projects Smart Skull An helmet-prototype of a group of students at the Zurich university of the Arts. This project has been developed in 2010. This project is not gps-based, but gives a visual feedback to the surrounding traffic participants. Through head-movement the direction will be displayed through LED’s in the helment. Additional sensors measure…


The idea behind this video is to imagine what it would be like if the tangible feedback in our navigation system for bikes would existed. Here is a video of our bodystorming

Project BIKE NAVIGATION – Concept

Project-goal: The goal of the project is to develop a tangible, GPS-based navigation for a bike without display. Project summary: How do you orient yourself while biking, for example as a tourist? You certainly will read traffic signs, ask people for direction and you will use a tourist-map. But at least the last example will…