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First wearable Prototype 1.0 and next steps

3. December 2010

YouTube Preview Image The vibration from the pump is very feasable, so we have to change the place from the arm to the hand and try it again. The material from the inflatable parts are not stretchable, so we have to find some. The electrical circuit Technical Research (D) Pump Size etc. -> Diagramms Pumps: http://www.clarksol.com/html/prodspecsKPMSPump.cfm#purchase Glove Prototyping (J) Pillows, multible air tubes Electric Prototyping (S) smaller power hub Fixed pump and valve, less vibrating Soft input button Next steps: - input Button - research iPhone serial connection - buying some materials = Wearable Prototype 2.0 Material: - dehnbaren Stoff - Moosgummi - Luftschläuche - Verbindungsstücke - Leder - Plastikkleber - Box für Hardware Organized: - Klettband Shops Handicraft store: Leib und Gut Tube Possible connections iPhone ( Serial, Bluetooth) Android (Bluetooth) XBee (2 Objects) GPS (Harcoded GPS points)