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Building Handlebars

15. December 2010

Material research: We tried different materials in order to compare its conductibility of vibration. At first we used "Thermoplast", plastic-granulate which melts on 60Celsius. Its moldable, when still warm and gets very strong and quite flexible when cooled. Unfortunately you can't sanding it very good and it has a poor grindability. So we decided to try a soft industrial-design-foam which was good to work with. Also the coductibility of the vibration was very good. One draw back with this material consisted in its indurabilty. Finally we used a more durale foam. Its has a good vibra-conductabilty and its workability lead to a smooth surface. It was a quite a challenge to find the right way to integrate the  actuators. First we intended to attach it directely into the pipe of the steering-wheel. Because of that the vibration have been isolated. Therefore we made a small tube directly into the handlebar.