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Blog-Thema: Allgemein

4 Main Gestures, User Testing & Presentation

4 basic gestures show the playful potential of the prototype. Summary & Presentation download final PDF Präsentation

Prospects with this device

With this new device are different prospects with haptic feedbacks possible. Examples are: Feedback for xbox kinect Juggling with an imagined ball Picking some unvisible stuff like datas up and let it anywhere you want drop Sharing some computerized datas between people Bring your digital dog out! With other shapes on other body-locations: Selfinflating pillow…

First sole wired to shield

The alpha version of our shield is being tested thoroughly with the first shoe sole. In the next version we shall also hook up the hall sensor to execute the heels clicking.

Testing Vibra Patterns (With Prototypes)

In the first wireless testing phase everyone started playing with the band (just like an instrument). Some tried to repeat the sent signals and react to it. We tried to define some basic patterns. But although after a short time, communicating partners develop a basic language, predefined codes are very hard to understand without training.

Building the Bangle 2 (Workshop)

To have a robust prototype for user testing we needed to close the bangle. It was a challenge to put all this electronics inside but make the bangle thin. We sewed the leather straps. Now you can play with it pretty wild without break it.

Building Handlebars

Material research: We tried different materials in order to compare its conductibility of vibration. At first we used “Thermoplast”, plastic-granulate which melts on 60Celsius. Its moldable, when still warm and gets very strong and quite flexible when cooled. Unfortunately you can’t sanding it very good and it has a poor grindability. So we decided to…


ToDo’s Concept refinement 2 Prototypes running Air pillows Prototype Movie Prototypes Feel-Glove 3 Pillows 2 Airtubes 2 GegenPillows (Manual / Servo) Tech-Glove Motor AirPump 2 Pillows 1 Pressure Sensor (Bluetooth) ToBuy Nackenkissen Aquarium-Schlauch & Ventil (Handschuh) Concept Brainstorm Virtual Reality grab a object will squeeze your hand lifting the object higher will enforce the intensity…

Algorithm diagram

We created this algorithm diagram to have a clear picture of all the procedures.


Basic requirements The feeling of shaking hands (duration, strongness, …) Detect marking of a place GPS implementation Look of the device Optional features Depending on distance and quantity of persons -> variaty of shake Changing temperature Technical variaties Squeezing of hand (servo, inflatable air pump, electro fabric) 1 . Board with GPS / Compass 2….

Concept Video