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Gruppe 1: Projektdokumentation


Video Recording

IMG_1707 IMG_1709

And sound processing

Foto Kopie 2

1. Part (start - 20sec) - Mona

Laptop appearance The sound was originally a cardboard, that was teared appart. Eyelash limpering The sound was originally metallic buttons that were shaked. Foto Writing on computer keyboard 1 The original sound we recorded from an old typewriter. To have a pattern in a different shape for the typewriting (as we had 3 computers), we used a different sound, which we shifted timewise for the third computer: Laptop closing - typewriter reset The original sound was recorded from a 'typewriter reset', an action you do when reaching the end of a line.

2. Part (20sec - 40sec) - Qilei

This part includes two action sequences. One is the collaboration of head movements. The second one is finger tapping. Sounds for head movements (21sec - 30sec) : 1) Sound for Mona's movement It was collected and edited by Felix. The object generating the sound was a light switch. Here I didn't do any further edit because the sound file was clean and ready. lichtschalter 2) Sound for Felix's movement We collected the sound on site. The idea was to have three sounds at very different frequency level. The character of Felix's movement is that it was not as frequent as Mona and Qilei and it has longer lasting time. Therefore, we decided to use a sound with clear signal but a longer tail. Sound of wine glass hitting each other fits for this role. Foto Kopie 3) Sound for Qilei's movement We also collected the sound on site. Felix discovered the gummiband sound which is low but also a little bouncing. Therefore, we decided to use this one.

Foto Kopie 3

We recorded 5 different types of sound of flipping gummiband. Since my nodding movements were not consistent, some were strong and clear but some were slight. Therefore, I decided to use a strong and a weak record respectively. Sounds for finger tapping (32sec - 40sec): This sound was created by Mona in her sound library. It was a process of crashing dry leaves. This action sequence included a set of individual tappings from each of us, group tapping and a slight finish. Therefore, I divided the original record into the pieces we could apply onto each part.

3. Part (40sec - end) - Felix

Head shaking Recording: Paper-clips falling into a glassplate. IMG_1693 Head banging (Qilei) Recording: Playing with a small paper. IMG_1716 Finger up (Qilei) Recording: Tip with a sticky-tape on the table. IMG_1713 Arm stretching (Qilei & Mona) Recording: Creak of a door. Hitting on the table (Qilei & Mona) Recording: Closing a washing machine tray with plates in it. IMG_1718 Crossing arms (Felix) Recording: Crumbling some leaves. Closing the laptops Recording: Slamming a door.


Reaperfolder without the .mov file (ZIP)