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Cinema 4d Basics

9. January 2013

Part One, Introduction (An overview of the 3D environment.) 1. Navigating in a 3D Environment -  Understanding Views -  The World Grid -  X,Y, Z Coordinate System -  H, P, B Coordinate System -  Coordinate Manager -  Moving an Object -  Rotating an Object -  Scaling an Object -  Selecting Objects -  Making a Primitive Object Editable -  Selection Tools -  Selection Control -  Active Tool Manager -  Selection Modifiers -  Structure Tools Part Two, Modeling (An overview of modeling types and terms.) 1. The Building Blocks of 3D -  Primitives -  Splines -  Vector Art -  Type/Text -  Normals -  NURBS -  Extrude -  Lathe -  Loft -  Sweep -  Bezier -  Construction Tools -  Boolean -  Fractals -  Deformations -  Subdivision Surfaces -  Hyper NURBS