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Simon Gwinner

19. January 2014

1. Fat
Fat as butter and oil and on the right a triglyceride molecule.
Fat is a material which is used in many areas, different conditions and in several forms and types. In those two weeks I analysed this material upon the functionality, the structure and possible applications, which discern from their ordinary purpose.
2. Computational Designs
duck screwdriver Untitled
Process and outcomes of the first week, we got introduced to rhino and 3D Printing.
3. First Ideas and Main Concept
As fat hasn't a real outward structure you can perceive with your eyes, I had to generate a structure out of fat so I could start with some computational designs.
20140112-IMGP1654-Kopie 20140112-IMGP1645
For my first experiment I took some soapwater, oil (liquid fat) and some colors and build those bubblestructures in a pan. It was quite facinating how those fat bubbles formed, connected with eachother and changed their shape but still had a resistance.
IMG_2571 IMG_2569 IMG_2552
So I started building my first project orientated physical structures, and soon I've also started building those random structure-formations with help of processing-sketches and printed them out. Then I got stuck, I couldn't really think of how to use those build structures or where I could use them. I went back to research and was searching for some uncommon uses of fat and found those fatbergs in sewer systems in london.
I was thinking about the separation of oil and water because of the density.  The crystalisation of fluent fat into solid material is also quite interesting, so why not use this material for filling holes or structures, even use it as a girder, glue or sealer?
CAMPUSPRINT01_AU60-EG-GANG_0563_002 modell-mit-fett-füllen IMG_2566
I did some sketches and built a structure, which  I  later filled with butter which went well.
4. Modelling and Fabrication process
20140115_151621 IMG_3526 IMG_2610 IMG_2608 IMG_2602 IMG_2586
5. Final Outcome
IMG_2608I've build a watermodell with dams who where supported and sealed by solid fat (in my modell butter), moreover I wanted to show in my modell the buoyancy of liquid fat (in my modell oil) on water. My modell did work, the dams filled with the solid fat didn't leak and where quite strong.Fat as a material has a lot of potential and can be used in many different (and as well uncommon) applications. Whether as a sealmaterial, glue, heat accumulator, energy storage or even energy supplier like a current electricity project in london shows. I found out while my research, that they want to generate electricity with those fatbergs in their sewer systems.
Das Plakat zum Projekt gibt's hier Fette-Plakat-A1.