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IAD Tools

SectionVector_05 IAD Tools: • Plotter (Physical Computing Lab, SQ 308) • Makerbot  (Physical Computing Lab, SQ 308) • 3D Print Pen (Physical Computing Lab, SQ 308) • Laser-Cutter (DD Werkstatt, Sihlquai 131) • 3D Printer Plaster (DD Werkstatt, Sihlquai 131) • 3D Printer ABS (DD Werkstatt, Sihlquai 131) • Your hands! Methods:
  • Volume Model Surface-Assembling (for big parts - less details) • Polygon-model > Unwinding (Pepakura) > print out black and cut by hands or use Lasercutter/ plotter • Nurbs-model with single curvature (straight lofts) > unroll (_unrollSrf) > Transfer unwound surfaces into contours  (_dupBorder) > join contour > cut out with laser-cutter oder plotter
  • Cross-section Modell (for big models with medium-precision) • Polygon-model > export as stl > 123d Make > laser-cutter or plotter • Nurbs model > export as polygon-model (obj, stl, fbx) > laser-cutter or plotter
  • 3D Print (for small parts with high-precision) • Polygon > export as .stl > import in Dimension printer software