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Blog-Thema: tutorials

Processing 2.x Basics

http://processing.org Examples for Building Geometries: (Download unlekker and toxiclibs libraries for processing) Manipulating Grids and Patterns: (Source http://www.generative-gestaltung.de/P_2_1_2_01) import processing.pdf.*; import java.util.Calendar; boolean savePDF = false; float tileCount = 20; color circleColor = color(0); int circleAlpha = 180; int actRandomSeed = 0; void setup(){ size(600, 600); } void draw() { if (savePDF) beginRecord(PDF, timestamp()+”.pdf”); translate(width/tileCount/2,…

Rhino Basics

Rhino 5 for Mac – Basics PDF User interface Navigate through multi-touch tracking Activate command line in Preferences>Legacy Activate OSnap (Different Snap functions – Ortho, End, Near, MidPoint) Activate History 2D Basics Rhino Selection partly and completely (right to left, left to right) Practice Line, Arc and Curve drawing Practice Split, Fillet Curve, .. Practice…

Cinema 4d Basics

Part One, Introduction (An overview of the 3D environment.) 1. Navigating in a 3D Environment –  Understanding Views –  The World Grid –  X,Y, Z Coordinate System –  H, P, B Coordinate System –  Coordinate Manager –  Moving an Object –  Rotating an Object –  Scaling an Object –  Selecting Objects –  Making a Primitive…