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week 1: (05.01.-09.01.2015)

• introduction brief • investigating in active processes of formation by the human body and the environment (breathing air, crystallizing water, melting plastics) • observations through photo/video, associative hand sketches and papermodels • forming 4 groups • experimentally investigating in programming algorithms using processing and CAD for prototyping • first material testings using hand tools, 3D printers, laser-cutter, plotter, alternative material-processing • Half-way presentation, 09.01.2014 (3pm): 5 minutes, pdf documenting your observation, ideas for construction + materials, Show first mock-ups

week 2: (12.01.-15.01.2015)

• printing out/ building prototypes further in groups • group tutorials Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday • finding the right technique to manufacture for interactions between human and environment • Photoshooting Wednesday from noon • Final presentation, 15.01.2014 (3.00pm): 5 – 7 minutes, pdf documenting your observation, idea, modeling and/or construction, manufacturing process and outcome (photo, video), Show real prototype and mock-ups

Documentation until Monday (19.01 / 10am):

• Working process on blog • Select Process/ Final Data for Server IAD-documentation-guideline.