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Brainstorming: the 6 Contexts

  1. GHOST: This thought came as we thought of an image that would be projected onto the person and that person (may that be a dancer, a sportsman/-woman, a scientist) could imitate the "ghost"'s movements to learn skills or to improve his/her own ones.
  2. LESSON/SCHOOL: We thought that some teachers are already using Skype to teach students. Is there any other sort of telepresence more benefiting for the students and maybe teacher/professor?
  3. HEALTH, PATIENTS: mutual understanding of the patients and the families/friends, mutual suffering, mutual loneliness, feeling empathy
  4. TRAFFIC: Predicting the future, trying to calculate the route and traffic while eating breakfast so it is possible to go for the best route later while driving
  5. RELAXING: Environmental change (for people who do not have time to change their environment quickly but also for people who wish to relax for a short while but to the fullest)
  6. TIME MACHINE: time travel, travelling to the past when the past infrastructure is being projected onto the present ones, also travelling to the future by predicting what infrastructure we will have in the future.
We decided to go with the topic "lesson" due to the subject being very relevant and present for us. After a discussion, we thought that we had the most difficult time during lectures. Problems:
  • CONCENTRATION PROBLEMS (trouble with listening to someone for 2 hours without a break)
  • OTHER PRIORITIES (there were other tasks we could accomplish in the meantime so our minds dealt with the other problems or we were trying to finish up work on our computers rather than listening to what the teacher was saying in front.)
  • US, NOT THE PROF (the trouble was more with us than the teacher because we thought that there were interesting topics but we had a tougher time staying focused)
Solutions and Suggestions:
  • SOLUTION 1: collective platform where students could upload their notes during the lecture so everyone gets a summary of the content of the lecture including personal insights to people's opinion about topics mentioned
  • SUGGESTION 1: sit in a lecture of the ETH or UNI ZÜRI and see how students handle the situation since they have to handle more information in a day than we do
  • SOLUTION 2: take out all the chairs before our lecture and people carrying chairs in for themselves so you only have enough chairs for the people attending the lesson

Feedback Round I

We received a lot of inputs during the discussions and there were a list of suggestions which were mentioned on how it could be possible to make a seminar more interesting and keeping the students attentive. There were also questions that we had to keep in mind due to the topic being so wide/abstract at the moment:
  • What type of lectures should we concentrate on? Maths? Arts?
  • How about not thinking like a model student but the reverse? (thinking like a bad student, cheating..?)
  • How can we use the school system differently to fit our own preferences?
  • How can we change a lecture/seminar? (not all are bad)
  • What are the possibilities of telepresence in lectures?
Due to the feedback round, we sat together as a group again and did another session of brainstorming. In the end, we decided to take another topic which we could work with better.