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Inhalt und Links


Interpersonal Connectedness: Conceptualization and Directions for a Measurement Instrument ___________________ Biosignal sharing for affective connectedness ___________________ Why things matter ___________________ The Global Consciousness Project Connected Consciousness Paper The Emotional Nature of Global Consciousness ___________________ Understanding Expressions of Internet of Things


Remote Interactions

New Technologies for Human Connectedness Portals : A Networked Mixed Reality Playground

Body Storming

"Connecting Spaces : Hong Kong / Zürich"

Project Website


Web Platform : Connect everything together with open technology

Arduino Yún



Re-Space-ing Place: "Place" and "Space" Ten Years On

Embodied Interaction

Where The Action Is: The Foundations of Embodied Interaction / Paul Doursih Embodied Interaction: Exploring the Foundations of a New Approach to HCI The Semiotics of Embodied Interaction / Shaleph O’Neilln Embodiment and psychopathology: a phenomenological perspective Embodied metaphors in tangible interaction design Interaction Design for and with the Lived Body : Some Implications of Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology


Simple Haptics / Camille Mousette

Other examples

In Touch with Space: Embodiening Live Data  for Tangible Interaction Embodied Interactions: In Touch With the Digital