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Storyboard and Video


For the last week, we had 3 days remaining: We planned the storyboard for a day, filming for a day and for the last day before the presentation, we would use that time to prepare the presentation and cut the video and audio. First day: We planned the storyboard for the video and it was discussed which route the protagonist would walk through in the Toni Areal. We also tried to mention/draw the different perspectives that would appear in the video to make it more dynamic. We also looked for places which would be interesting for the video in the Toni Areal. After researching a bit online, we found some scenes that were used in the action films to use for our video. DSC05733 DSC05819 DSC05822 DSC05827 DSC05829 Second day: We filmed based on how we planned out the storyboard and we filmed everything while having someone holding the camera and running along to make it seem more lively. We also did a voice-over in the end to let people understand what the plot of the story/video was since most of our plot is written on the paper which would make it harder for the audience to understand what was going on. DSC05741 DSC05743 Video Third day: Video cut and the presentation was done. We made the last few tweaks on the "Sprinter" and we were ready for the presentation. YouTube Preview Image